We Have Extensive Experience In Fabricating Large Certified Pressure Vessels & Related Closed Vessels.


 Pressure Vessels, Flare Knockout Drums & Closed Drain Vessels



We Have Fabricated & Erected Several Large Cryogenic Tanks For Customers All Over The GCC. We Also Fabricate All Types of Steel Tanks.

Cryogenic Tanks






We Fabricate Steel Furnaces For Various Applications.


Furnaces & Heat Recovery Systems

High Quality Base Frames & Skids. We Have Supplied Skids To Several Leading Companies In The Middle East Region.

Fabrication of Process Skids & Base Frames.

We Fabricate High Quality Well Site Tanks With Custom Specifications. We Also Fabricate Other Types of Tanks.

Well Site Production Tanks


We Have Fabricated Pressure Testing Bays For Many Leading Oilfield Service Companies As Per The Provided Specs.


Pressure Testing Bays/Cells


We Can Fabricate & Erect Long Pipelines/Piping Spools Based on Customer Requirements.



CS/SS Piping Spools & Pipelines

Automated Lines Give Us Large Production Capacities. We Can Fabricate & Erect Large Quantities In a Short Period.

Hot Rolled Steel Structures


High Quality Storage Tanks of All Types Can Be Fabricated At Aarya Engineering FZC.


Acid Tanks, Pressure Tanks & General Storage Tanks

We Do Custom Steel Fabrication With High Quality Finishes For Use In Buildings.

Architectural Steel Fabrication

We Have High Quality Steel Hoppers For Varied Applications. The Hoppers Are Made To Custom Specifications.


Industrial Hoppers


High Quality Stand-Alone/Attached Loading Ramps.

Loading Ramps

We Can Fabricate & Supply Large Numbers of Steel Storage Racks In Short Period of Time.

Cylinder / Pipe Racks

Fabrication & Erection of Long Distance Pipelines. We Assure Good Quality of Fabrication Suitable For Sensitive Applications

Fabrication Of Pipes For Oil Field/Water Plant


We Supply Core Fixing Channels To Leading Electrical Organizations Across The Region.

Core Fixing Channels



We Offer Complete Fabrication, Automation & Installation of Material Handling Systems.


 Material Handling Systems

We Fabricate Platforms & Mezzanines For Industrial Use.

Mezzanines & Starcases


We Can Fabricate Large Numbers of Waste Hoppers/Containers/Skips on Short Notice.

Waste Hoppers

We Offer Handrail Fabrication With High Quality Finish For Residential/Commercial Use.

Hand Rails / Cage Ladders

SS/MS Manhole Covers


Stainless Steel Manhole Covers

We Specialize In Sophisticated Heat Exchangers For Use In Refineries & Boilers.
Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers