Pressure Testing Enclosures

Aarya Engineering FZC offers Pressure Testing Enclosures for High pressure testing applications of Drill Tools & Valves. There are multiple types of testing cells which are designed to match each individual client’s requirements & budgets.

All Testing cells are based on Aarya’s proprietary designs. Complete design analysis including the validation reports are provided along with each Testing Cell.

The types of Testing Enclosures offered by us are as follows:

  1. Fixed Type – Complete Steel
  2. Fixed Type – Insulated
  3. Containerized Portable Type – Complete Steel
  4. Containerized Portable Type – Insulated
  5. Fabric Type for Temporary Set-Ups

We work with our subcontractors to offer HP & LP Testing units backed up by our optional fully automated system. Also on offer is the High Temperature Testing System which can be fully integrated into the Control system.

We have supplied, Installated & Commissioned Testing Enclosures successfully all over the world for some of the biggest names in the Oil & Gas Industry.